We may have just moved to Second Avenue North only a few short months ago, but we already feel right at home. That’s why you’ll see Big employees out in full force this weekend for the return of the Second Saturday Sidewalk Sale.

From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., vendors from across the city and Second Avenue merchants will line the sidewalks of Second Avenue North selling vintage clothing and curiosities, artwork, handcrafted jewelry, hand-printed cards, crafts, skateboards, shaved ice and more. Neighborhood favorites including What’s On 2nd?, Charm, Faith Skate Supply, and Levy’s will be out in full force.

While it’s wonderful to get outside on a weekend, the Second Saturday Sale is more than just a fun time – it’s a good cause. The goal is to promote local businesses and raise funds for branded signage and street furnishings.

Two years ago, our very own Shannon Harris was approached by local architect Jeremy Erdreich and Robert Emerick of REV Birmingham about volunteering to help create a brand for Second Avenue North. She picked a color (Pantone 130c, which Shannon affectionately named “Butternut”), designed a logo, and began fleshing out the aesthetic feel that would become Second Avenue North.

“I was so inspired by Jeremy’s ideas and the energy that these small business owners like [Charm owner] Chatham Hellmers and [What’s On 2nd? owner] Steve Gilmer had already created,” she said. “I was immediately on board.”

The biggest obstacle, though, was funding. So Shannon and Chatham came up with an idea that would accomplish that goal while also bringing the neighborhood together: The Second Saturday Sidewalk Sale.

“We went back to our original goals about pride and awareness and thought a community event would be the best way to start tackling the business of raising funds,” Shannon said.

Vendor fees and proceeds from Second Avenue North t-shirt sales, as well as generous donations from businesses like Levy’s and What’s On 2nd? will ultimately bring Shannon’s ideas to life.

In fact, the wheels are already moving. The Regional Planning Commission has agreed to donate 80 percent of the cost for Local Bike Racks to be placed along Second Avenue North as part of their Commute Smart program. The bike racks will all be powder coated Butternut, of course.

“It’s going to take several events and a lot of t-shirt sales to raise the money we need for this project,” Shannon said. “But the sense of community and energy is really exciting. I can’t wait to see everyone out again this Saturday!”


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