We love our clients, so from time to time, we like to put a spotlight on them.

One of the clients that keeps us pleasantly busy is Tenet Healthcare — which means we spend a lot of time in close contact with Angela McPike, Chief Marketing Officer of Tenet Healthcare’s Southern Region.

We took a break from our busy schedules to ask Angela a few questions about her career, her goals, and her experience working with us. Take it away, Angela.

1. How did you turn your degrees in Political Science and Psychology into a successful healthcare career?

Looking back, I believe I gained a lot of value from a liberal arts education. It prepared me to process information and translate it into a meaningful point of view on a subject. It’s similar to the approach needed in healthcare media relations which is where I began my career. A focus on political science and psychology also provided a good understanding of our environment and culture. So it’s possible to start out as pre-med and still find a healthcare career option without the MD behind your name!

2. What is the most significant change you’ve seen in healthcare?

The move to an electronic medical record has been a significant change for the industry and has allowed for an even safer patient care experience. For example, now physician orders for tests and medications are entered electronically versus handwritten in a paper chart. This has resulted in a dramatic reduction in medication errors not only because the order is typed but automatic precautions are built in to stop an order if it conflicts with a patient’s allergies or will cause a negative drug interaction with other medications the patient is taking. On the marketing side, it has provided an avenue for hospitals to electronically communicate with patients about information that is relevant and helpful to them.

3. What do you see as being the next big thing as healthcare marketing evolves?

The power of storytelling will continue to evolve and become an even more important strategy as our ability to showcase an individual’s journey in multiple platforms grows. Patients want to know that others have faced similar situations, but also how they’ve overcome them through the help of our clinicians. They want to see and hear how the physicians and nurses feel about caring for their patients. And nurses want to hear from other nurses about what it’s like to work at your hospital. The more we can share those stories through meaningful avenues, the better we will be at showcasing the unique value we offer each of them.

4. If there was one word you could use to describe healthcare marketing, what would it be and why?

I would describe it as inspiring. The whole purpose is to provide hope to people by sharing information about medical solutions for their condition or concern. A hospital marketing representative has unique access to the latest medical technology, treatment options, patient triumphs, and immensely dedicated clinicians and physicians. It’s truly rewarding to find ways to share this information with community members who count on their hospital to be a partner in keeping them healthy.

5. You’ve worked with a variety of different agencies over the years. What stands out to you about Big?

There’s such a high level of energy and enthusiasm from everyone who works at Big. This stands out as being extremely unique to me. I know when I bring another project to the team, the answer will always be “we can absolutely take this on and we’ll make it work, and work well. We will find a way.” This can-do attitude is essential to my team as some requests are challenging and there are many stakeholders involved. But the Big team only gets more excited when facing a challenge. I realize it’s possibly because John [Montgomery] loves something new and different, and isn’t that why we all love him? But honestly, they provide an amazing service and make it fun too.

6. You’re close with your team at Big. What stands out to you about working with them?  

We are true partners. Each person takes the time to learn about our business situations and opportunities. They’re all dedicated to our success. Not to mention how talented they are as well! Jordan [Sowards] and Shannon [Harris] effectively communicate from the voice of the patient through our work and that is what it’s all about. We have collectively done our job if the information we are providing resonates with the people we are trying to reach. And so far, it has. Now we just need to allow Amanda [Howard] and Valerie [Taylor] to take a vacation every now and then!


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