Birmingham is Open

In September of 2010,The Birmingham Business Alliance was set to launch its new 10-year plan called Blueprint Birmingham. While the guts of the plan were sound, locals were fatigued by the grandiose plans of civic leaders of years past. So instead of trying to sell people on the intricacies of the plan, we sought to open their minds. The effort launched with a teaser campaign in print, outdoor, tv and digital that said, “I’m closed to building a better Birmingham region.” The seeming negativity of the work created a strong emotional response from the community, both at the water cooler and online.

In the week before the unveiling of the plan, the messaging switched, replacing “I’m closed” with “I’m open.” Just before the launch event, Big also spearheaded an effort to identify and dialogue with key opinion leaders in the blogosphere and in the media. The result was an unprecedented level of positive earned media coverage, both of the campaign and the BBA’s plan. Through our creativity, media partnerships and savvy activation, we were able to turn a media budget of $0 into over $400,000 worth of coverage.