Few companies can boast Daxko’s level of creativity, camaraderie and culture. So when they asked us to work on the Daxko rebranding project, we knew the creative brief would be unique. For years, their primary business model had been software solutions for YMCA and other community centers, explaining why their existing logo gave a subtle nod to the classic YMCA mark. Now, times have changed. Not only did the YMCA significantly evolve their identity, but Daxko’s client roster has expanded to include numerous trade organizations, as well.

What makes Daxko different isn’t just their software, which is awesome, it’s their people: a diverse group of individuals that are each comprehensively screened and vetted before they come onboard. They’re the kind of company that doesn’t just talk about customer service: they live it through every single person on staff.

It was that series of insights that led us to their positioning statement: Software that makes a difference. People who make it better. And after an exhaustive graphic and typographic search, the selected mark not only incorporates their three core values (four if you include fun), but it also quickly illustrates the level of organization that Daxko brings to their clients. The warmth of the color palette also speaks to the friendliness of their culture. The new tagline, “All together, better,” also incorporates both their philosophy of teamwork and the organization that their ideas bring to every organization they serve.