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The Operations Manager is the first member of staff encountered or spoken to by any visitor/caller to the agency.  Therefore they should strive to always present a friendly but professional appearance and manner.  The agency expects this manner to extend to the expert fielding of client calls and the efficient noting of messages. This staffer is responsible for general office appearance and works to ensure all personnel enjoy good working conditions.

The Operations Manager also carries out all administrative duties and acts as the primary agency support personnel. This person purchases general agency supplies and carries out all requests for equipment and software purchases, working in conjunction with the Director of Business Operations to make such purchases when the agency budget allows.

The Operations Manager also ensures all agency record-keeping procedures are followed and files are maintained in a well-organized way.

The Operations Manager is responsible for assisting the Accounting Assistant and the Director of Business Operations in any tasks assigned.

Reports to the Director of Business Operations.


  • Directly facilitates maintenance with IT vendor contact, and works with this person to maintain optimum performance from agency computer systems, hardware and software.
  • Makes administrative purchases (other than major equipment purchases or capital expenditures), working with the Director of Business Operations to stay within budget plans.
  • Establishes and oversees agency records maintenance procedures to ensure all business operations information is correct and readily available.
  • Researches and finds the best price for all equipment purchases or leases, and presents findings to the Director of Business Operations for purchase approval.
  • Negotiates service maintenance agreements with selected providers to achieve the best service at the best price in conjunction with the Director of Business Operations.
  • Authorizes service calls for repair and maintenance of office equipment, including computers, copiers, fax machines, printers, postage metering equipment, etc.
  • Ensures maintenance of clean, healthy office environment for all personnel, and maintains an attractive office appearance for visitors and clients.
  • Authorizes engagement of an office cleaning/maintenance service and regularly reviews delivery and quality of these providers.
  • Communicates regularly with Director of Business Operations and Managing Partners to ensure that office needs are met, and regarding revision of planned expenditures.
  • Opens and sorts mail; delivers all communications to appropriate personnel
  • Maintains inventory of office supplies/forms in proper order and quantity and re-orders as required, obtaining approval from Director of Business Operations. Orders necessary stationery, paper, envelopes, etc., through the Production Manager.
  • Prepares business correspondence per instruction, mails outgoing correspondence; assists with public relations/new business mailings.
  • Maintains digital/hard copy client and general office files.
  • Covers reception desk at all times except when out of the office or on break.
  • Arranges with another designated member of staff for desk/phones to be covered when absent.
  • Answers all phone calls in a friendly but professional manner, and forwards all calls to the appropriate staff members promptly and smoothly.
  • If appropriate personnel are absent or unavailable to take calls, takes neat, legible messages, including: caller’s name, company name, phone number (and extension), best time to return call, whether call is urgent, and if possible, a brief note as to the nature of the call.
  • Receives all company mail and forwards to appropriate agency personnel.
  • Receives and signs for all deliveries/courier shipments, first verifying contents per shipping bill. Notifies appropriate personnel when packages/deliveries arrive.
  • Arranges all courier pickups. Prepares courier/shipping labels per instructions provided by staff members.
  • Prepares outgoing mail and correspondence on request, including processing letters, labels and envelopes.
  • Maintains reception area to ensure a professional and welcoming appearance.
  • Greets all visitors to agency promptly and in a welcoming manner, and acts as hostess until appropriate personnel are notified of visitor’s arrival (including offering/preparing beverages for visitor).  Notifies appropriate agency personnel of arrival of any such visitors.
  • Makes sure coffee/hot water/beverages are available at all times, but especially on days when visitors are expected.
  • Facilitates all human resource activities and policies.
  • Manages compensation, benefits, staffing, affirmative action, employee relations health and safety, and training/development functions.
  • Maintains and distributes employee policy manuals; responsible for keeping all policy manual content up to date with regard to changes in laws/regulations, and notifying employees of all such changes or alterations to agency policies.
  • Serves on the employee arbitration committee in cases of employee discrimination or harassment.
  • Examines and verifies employee information generated by automated human resources systems.
  • Compiles statistical information or prepares reports relating to payroll, recruiting, position classification, compensation, training, equal opportunity employment, or affirmative action, utilizing human resources systems.
  • Assists with human resources system network maintenance, and system security.

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