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National brand experience in one of the top 10 most livable cities in the US.


Hungry. Clever. Relentless.


The Senior Copywriter is responsible for copy and concepts in the production of advertising.  Working with the art director(s), the senior copywriter interprets concepts/copy into completed design.  When the “big idea” for an ad originates from a graphic concept rather than copy, the senior copywriter supplies copy to complete the comp. This candidate will preferably have 5-10 years of agency experience.

A Senior Copywriter, by definition, is a rare gem of creative and rational talents. They must be highly conceptual, perpetually motivated, and never idle in their pursuit of great thinking. The requirements for this job are far more about talent, will, and hunger than they are about pedigrees and years of experience. We want someone who is an idea machine, who loves a nasty challenge, and who can show a parfait-style, layers-deep understanding of concept on even the simplest of assignments. And, Senior Copywriter is not code for “riding the coat tails of my super talented art director.” Rather, it is that rare person who can make people think, laugh, cry, and change in the same conversation. It is not for the weak-minded, the timid, the arrogant, or the lazy. This job is only suited for the confident, the relentless, and the frustratingly intelligent.


  • Creates high quality, eye-catching content and innovative ideas through collaboration with our team, and also by honing in on your personal creativity and experience to create written concept advertising, sales promotions and more.
  • Assists in developing a “Creative Brief” by working with the Big team (Executive Art Director, other Art Directors, Account Management, and production) and the client to define original concept, create a target audience, and begin creative process.
  • Enhances creative quality by reviewing concept ideas with Creative Director, Art Director and Creative Team.
  • Develops original and creative concepts and writes the copy for various campaigns. (for all size clients)
  • Reviews and edits copy for correctness and applies the agency process to the concept work.
  • Ensures completeness and accuracy of content by appropriately applying client-provided information, market research and client preferred style to the content copy.
  • Maintains Agency creative standards by reviewing type proofs for errors or omissions, adhering to budget and time constraints.


  • MUST HAVE AT LEAST 5-7 years of copywriting experience in an agency environment.
  • Consistent history of creating solid copy through many mediums for all size clients.

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