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CMT Awards Honors Music Video Produced By One of Big’s Own

For the first time in, well, maybe ever, Big Communications has a serious dog in the fight at the CMT Music Awards.

Updated June 9, 9:15am: “Die A Happy Man” won Male Video of the Year! It did not win Video of the Year, though, but those YouTube hits keep climbing.

Chances are you’ve heard Thomas Rhett’s massive hit “Die A Happy Man” by now, seeing as it’s up to 58 million YouTube views, gone platinum, spent six straight weeks atop the Billboard Country Airplay chart (the first song to do so since 2008), and brought home major awards left and right*.

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The NBA Cares (About You and Your Social Networks)

On February 27th, Steph Curry capped off one of the more remarkable regular season games in NBA history.

Gracefully, effortlessly, he nailed a 28 foot game-winning buzzer beater—his 12th three-pointer of the night. Read More

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All Eyes On Red Mountain: Schaeffer Eye Center Unveils Sculpture

Notice anything different on Red Mountain Expressway today? How about a gigantic pair of glasses?

Throughout the past couple days, crews have mounted the glasses on a billboard, based on a new sculpture at Red Mountain Park. The project is the brainchild of optometrist Dr. Jack Schaeffer of Schaeffer Eye Center – with some Big design magic.

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Pop Stars and Pop Tops: Share a Song at Uptown Goes Red

earworm (îr′wûrm′) n. 1. A melody or a portion of a piece of music that is involuntarily repeated in one’s mind.

Last year, everyone ran to their local grocer or gas station to locate that special can of Coca-Cola featuring their name on the label.

This made most people feel instantly famous. For people like me with oddly spelled names, we smiled politely while our friend Jenny squealed with glee at spotting her name on a bottle.

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Ten Questions with Birmingham Hammers President/Co-Founder Morgan Copes

Attention citizens of Birmingham: We have a professional soccer team.

This Saturday, the Birmingham Hammers begin their inaugural 13-game campaign in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), where they’ll compete with neighboring teams like the New Orleans Jesters, Nashville FC, Georgia Revolution, and Knoxville Force.

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Five Years In, Bo Bikes Bama is Stronger Than Ever

April 27, 2011 is a date that will remain emblazoned on the hearts of Alabamians forever.

We were ripped apart yet united by a community of love in a time of great sadness and need.

Enter: Bo Jackson. Bo sat in his home in Chicago watching stories of the devastation of his home state. He knew he had to do something. To rebuild, repair, and protect. To remember the 243 lives lost on that day. Read More


Behind the Brand: Zyp Bikeshare

It’s spring in Birmingham. This weekend, people will don their sandals and sunglasses and make for a downtown café or park in the sun.

But instead of hopping into a car, many will cruise over on a Zyp bike

You may have seen these lime green beauties around town for a few months now, but recently they’ve become the preferred mode of transportation, thanks to the warm weather and sunshine. 

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Observations From An Accomplished Public Speaker: Billy Ivey at TEDx Samford

I think it was Stephen King who said, “the only criteria for being able to call yourself a writer is to have written.”

Well, then, I’m a writer. It even says so on my LinkedIn profile. And using that same logic, I can also proudly announce that I am an accountant, a baseball player, a landscape architect, and an accomplished public speaker.

Last week, I gave a TED talk. It wasn’t really a TED talk; it was a TEDx talk. Only it wasn’t really a TEDx talk; it was a TEDxSamfordU talk. But I gave a TED talk, so there.

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The Official 2016 Big Com Sloss Fest Playlist

What a difference a year makes, right?

This time last year, the Sloss Music & Arts Festival had citizens of Birmingham excitedly circling mid-July on their calendars. The lineup was thrilling, the location was perfect, and the design waswell, that was us, and we were proud to be involved.

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Big Goes to SXSW: Our 2016 Takeaways

Three years in and we’re really starting to get the hang of this South By Southwest thing.

Even if you’ve never been, you probably know all about SXSW. It’s innovative, informative, engaging, energizing – and, at times, overwhelming.

Nonetheless, we soaked up as much information and culture as we could in our short time in Austin, TX at the SXSW Interactive conference. But rather than boil it down to a few generic touchpoints, we thought we’d let our team members speak for themselves.

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