The best of Birmingham is now on the App Store

As part of the successful IN Campaign for the Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau, we had an idea: take the incredibly popular IN Guide, featuring over 270 of the city’s most locally-loved spots (and now in its 4th edition) and turn it into an App.

Our goal has always been to make something that instills pride in our hometown, celebrates our locally loved spots, and insures visitors will enjoy the city as much as we do. When we set out to design it, we didn’t want to make the App a glorified laundry list, and  we also wanted it to do more than just highlight chain restaurants and department stores. In our process, we studied up on the best social Apps out there and looked hard at the best travel and destination Apps from around the world.

The result turned out to be far beyond a google map search or a user-generated review service: it’s a careful curation of our city’s culture, as defined by the people who live it every day.

Our goal now isn’t to dole out high fives around the office and call it a day. Rather, we want to constantly improve the content and effectiveness of the IN Birmingham App. So to all who engage with it, please give us your feedback. The content of the App came from locals. What’s to say they can’t make it even better?

Download it on the App Store or find it here.