Brookwood Women’s Medical Center:
I Choose Brookwood

It’s easy to get caught up in the minutia of healthcare marketing. Ultimately, people simply want the best quality care, right? As it turns out, that’s a claim that lawyers (and laws) frown upon without heavy disclaimers that it’s not exactly a provable fact. So when we started working with Brookwood Medical Center to help launch their new breathtakingly awesome Women’s Center, we decided to take an approach that both lawyers and young, smart, child-bearing-age women would fall in love with.

And in that pursuit, we hit on an idea that healthcare providers often forget: before you’re a mother, you’re a woman. This simple truth helped shape our thinking and to place the emphasis not on the end result, but on the preferences and personality of the patients themselves.

In our discovery process, we began to think about all the ways that young women make decisions about the important things in their lives, from where to send their kids to school and where to find a great deal on shoes to what pediatrician to choose. And in that long list of criteria, “ads” were never near the top, but “friends” always were. The target audience for this campaign, young Gen Xer women in particular, are intrinsically social, and will always look to their friends and family first to know where to do something as important as decide where to have their children. This campaign sought to encourage that behavior: to get women to ask their friends where to have their babies, because we knew once women experienced the new Women’s Medical Center at Brookwood, they’d be telling their friends all about it.

The central piece of the campaign quickly became the website, Borrowing functional equity from visual curation sites like Pinterest and Instagram, the site aggregates photo assets from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that are hashtagged with #ichooseb. All of the print and digital ads then asked people to hashtag their Brookwood- and baby-related photos, which would randomly feed into the website. Not only does the site mirror the strategy of the campaign, it also gives people continued reasons to come back and interact with the brand time and time again.

The television featured personal testimonies of real, genuine mothers who’d all had or were having their babies at Brookwood. These women don’t come off like super models or just people off the street. They are all cute, fun and exceedingly approachable – the kind of person anybody would want to be friends with. The testimonials all conclude with them saying, “Don’t take our word for it. Ask your friends.” In addition, all of these women and their experiences as Brookwood are profiled on