Reigniting the Magic City. Birmingham is a city born of iron. The furnaces that burned day and night fueled unprecedented growth, casting Birmingham as the Magic City. One of the most prominent furnaces was Sloss, which fueled the iron industry for close to 100 years. In July 2015, Sloss served as the venue for the inaugural Sloss Music & Arts Festival, a two-day event to celebrate the work of more than 40 artists. While creating the brand for the event, we focused on reflecting a legacy of hard work and cultural influence. Sloss provides the perfect canvas, rich with metal textures, wrought type, and gritty iron workers that tells a story of a tenacious spirit. The festival was an overwhelming success and sold out days before it took place. Attendees travelled from around the country to experience performances by 33 musical artists, including Modest Mouse, The Avett Brothers, and Band of Horses. In addition, two-day general admission pre-sale passes for the 2016 Sloss Music & Arts Festival are already sold out.