At Big, we love a good partnership – especially when it means associating a fledgling brand we serve with a fantastically well-known and respected one. And in the process of developing the brand for Alabama Gulf Seafood, we set our sights pretty high. Or, in this case, deep.

Because we tend to be curators of culture, we’d begun following men’s fashion designer Billy Reid quite closely. Not only are his clothes on-point with the current national apex of Southern culture, they’re just plain awesome. Through our observation of this meteoric fashion brand, we noticed that Billy likes to find relevant Southern causes to share a portion of his profits with. And since Billy’s flagship store (outside of the one on Bond St. in NYC) is in The Shoals area of North Alabama, we figured there was no time like the present to see if he’d be up for some collaboration.

To our pleasant surprise, what we found was more than a willing accomplice: we found a passionate partner ready to make a difference. The whole team from Billy Reid jumped on board and truly shared our passion for making some waves in the seafood business of our Gulf Coast. We shared with them the vibe of the campaign (logo, website, etc) and they turned around 4 outstanding t-shirt designs and a couple of fishing caps to boot. And if the partnership wasn’t great already, just before launch, Billy was named CFDA Menswear Designer of the year for 2012.

Since the Alabama Gulf Seafood merchandise debuted on the Billy Reid website, the shirts have outsold any of their other promotions to date – meaning thousands of dollars to help conserve the Alabama Seafood way of life. And, the link from Billy’s site has driven outstanding traffic to If you’d like to purchase this apparel, just click here.