When Big’s Brian Curtin isn’t concocting award-winning TV spots and videos for our clients, he’s directing and producing live action fan films that earn him millions of global views on YouTube (just check out Beyond Black Mesa and Concrete Hustle).

But calling Brian’s latest film, Killzone Intercept, just a “fan film” would be selling it short. With beautiful cinematography, gritty realism and sensational special effects, this film is much more than a fans-only add-on—it’s a tour de force that anyone with a pair of eyes can enjoy.

Killzone Intercept debuted to a wealth of rave reviews and has climbed to hundreds of thousands of views in a mere two weeks. But the praise for Brian’s film hasn’t been limited to the YouTube comments section. He’s already been featured on the Playstation blog and MTV.com with no signs of the buzz slowing down. Brian was even flown out to Amsterdam for a special screening hosted by Guerilla Games, the developers of the game that inspired the film.

Brian wouldn’t let us give him props without recognizing our friends Jason Wallis and Taylor Robinson over at Six Foot Five Productions, who worked hand-in-hand with him over the past two years filming Killzone Intercept.

All of us wish Brian and his crew a BIG congrats on the launch of Killzone Intercept.

Design by Aaron Gresham | Photography by Jason Wallis