Big Communications is proud to announce that AdAge awarded us Gold for Small Agency of the Year Southeast.

It’s always nice to be honored for your creative work at awards shows. It’s another thing altogether to be honored for your company. And that’s just it. This wasn’t another beauty pageant awards show. It was all about results. Some of the shops we were up against posted amazing metrics about sales lifts, time-on-site statistics and engagement across multiple platforms. And on top of that, the client rosters we saw were incredible, from brand crushes like Coke, Apple and Target to remarkable work for Cinemax, Planet Fitness and a stellar campaign called Man Therapy.

But something became all too apparent after the dust settled and all the trophies were handed out. Ad Age wasn’t just looking for companies with a nice client roster and decent results. They wanted to find agencies who were shaking things up, creating change in the world around them and doing things that were truly distinct. What they read about Big at the podium was all about how we are trying to impact the city and state we live in. And while we know in our hearts that our mission is to make a difference while making a living, it’s rewarding to see that shine through in the work we do, too.

The advice given throughout the conference was blindingly simple: Never apologize for being small. And for us at Big, that couldn’t be more paradoxically perfect. We’re thrilled to be small, but we’re even more proud to be Big.

Oh, and to all the other winners out there who might’ve wanted to use the #smallagency hashtag on Instagram, we are truly sorry for stealing it last night. What can we say? We’re young, hungry and wide open, and we can’t help but live that every day.

Hats off to Bailey Lauerman and Campfire for taking home the highest honors. It’s humblingly pride-swelling to be counted amongst such amazing talent, big or small.

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Rebekah Weinberger

Business Development Specialist