Walk through the halls of Big Communications on any given day, and you’re guaranteed to see one thing: almost all of us (well, those of us that are at our desks, at least) have headphones on and music blasting.

With a President that was booking big concerts when he was still a teenager, Big Communications is a music-driven office to say the least. And since music is a shared experience now more than ever, we decided we’d start putting together playlists that invite you to join the conversation.

First up: the inaugural “Coming Soon to Birmingham” playlist for September and October.

Unless you’ve been hibernating for the last few months, you know that Birmingham has booked an extremely impressive slate of live music for this fall. From the big stages like Oak Mountain Amphitheatre and the BJCC to local favorites like WorkPlay and the Bottletree Café to impressive newcomer Iron City, there’s something good on deck every week over the next couple of months. So we asked Jeremy Burgess, one of our copywriters and in-house music whiz, to compile a couple dozen tracks from some of the best upcoming shows.

And to celebrate all of the great live music coming to town, we’re giving away some merch from our dear friend and Birmingham’s own Maria Taylor! Comment below and let us know which show(s) you plan on attending, and you could win a Maria Taylor vinyl record, CD or t-shirt!

Check out the playlist here or listen below.

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