We may be in the midst of winter weather’s last stand, but make no mistake—it’s time to party.

Whether or not you participate in Lent, the season of Mardi Gras is a universal cause for celebration in our country. New Orleans always gets the most press, of course, but as plenty of native Alabamians will tell you, it was actually Mobile that hosted the very first Carnival celebration in the United States, way back in 1703.

Here at Big, Mardi Gras means a little extra to us, because one of our biggest clients, Alabama Gulf Seafood, is centered on the Coastal Alabama community.

In fact, those of you who were out and about during Mobile’s Infant Mystics parade probably saw the Alabama Gulf Seafood logo on prominent display aboard the beautifully decorated “Sensational Seafood” float.

Our friends at AL.com were there to cover all the action, and they even named our float the best of the night!

After days of parades and festivities throughout South Alabama, Mardi Gras has almost come and gone once again. But they don’t call it “Fat Tuesday” for nothin’, so there’s still plenty of time to grab a slice of king cake, crank up the jazz, and let the good times roll.

Oh, and if you’re putting together a last-minute Mardi Gras party for tonight, our pal Martie Duncan from “Food Network Star” has you covered. She gave us a few party tips for our Alabama Gulf Seafood blog, so be sure to consult her expert opinion before going it alone.

If you need some Mardi Gras tunes to get you through the workday so you can party all night, here’s a great compilation album we dug up on Spotify: