One of our most extensive campaigns over the past few years here at Big has been Go Build, a branded effort for the Alabama Construction Recruitment Institute to educate middle and high school students on the benefits of a career in construction.

It appears as if students aren’t the only ones listening.

Yesterday, Ad Age published a feature on nationwide efforts to target potential young tradesmen, including a mention of original Go Build spokesperson Mike Rowe.

“Go Build Alabama…shows the worker as ‘hero’ and tries to change the perception of construction as dirty, labor-intensive work,” author Ashley Rodriguez writes. “Digital, social and grassroots efforts have been Go Build’s primary tools for targeting young people. It has redesigned its website to be more compatible with mobile devices. It’s also planning an e-textbook, responsive ads and behavioral geo-targeting on social media.”

Speaking of that e-textbook, we have to tip our cap to Ad Age even more than usual for their impeccable timing.

The Go Build Training Manual, created in partnership with the Alabama Department of Education, was debuted today at the Alabama Career and Technical Education Professional Development Conference.

This e-textbook includes everything from interactive widgets and tap pop-ups to video interviews of men and women who work in the skilled trades. And, as of today, it’s available as a free download in the Apple iBooks Store.

“Students today are growing up in a technology centered world, and it’s important to adapt educational materials to fit into their new learning habits,” said Alabama Power Foundation President John Hudson. “It is our hope that this e-textbook will engage more students and bring more workers into the skilled trades, as they learn in a hands-on way about the opportunities in the industry.”

The Go Build e-textbook will be freely distributed to all seventh- to ninth-graders in Alabama beginning this upcoming school year. The project was made possible by a grant from the Alabama Power Foundation, and we worked closely with the Alabama Department of Education’s Career and Technical Education Section to develop the e-textbook.

The national perception of the construction industry is beginning to change, and we’re honored to have been (and continue to be) a part of this crucial initiative since day one.