Three t-shirts

If you’ve followed Big at all in the last several years, you know that the Alabama Gulf Seafood campaign is one of our greatest points of pride. It’s a brand that we bore and raised from its inception, and it’s one that’s shined an ever-brighter spotlight on the amazing Gulf seafood industry of our state.

And in that pursuit, we’re pleased to announce another partnership with the good people over at Billy Reid, who are releasing a new series of t-shirts, promoting the Alabama Gulf Seafood industry.

The series includes three different tees, all designed by Reid, and features images and words inspired by Alabama’s fresh seafood and the Gulf. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Alabama Conservation and Natural Resources Foundation.

And as luck would have it, the shirts will be first available this weekend at Billy’s annual Shindig in Florence, Alabama this weekend.

If you’ll remember, Billy designed shirts for us at the outset of the campaign back in 2012. The last time around, the four shirts Billy designed turned out to be one of the most successful t-shirt collaborations he’d ever done. And for good reason, too. Sure, the shirts, colors, and designs were awesome; but the real reason (we believe) the shirts did so well was because they represented an outstanding partnership: a proud resident of Alabama, at the peak of his profession and craft, creating a product that represented other Alabamians at the peak of theirs.

And for us, there’s nothing we love more than creating partnerships that lift up our state on every imaginable front. So make sure you head over to and order one for yourself. And tell ’em thanks, and we sent you.