No other city can claim anything quite like Sloss Furnaces. It’s one of Birmingham’s most iconic features.

It only made sense to bring a music festival back to the grounds.

Enter the inaugural Sloss Music & Arts Festival, lovingly (and socially) known as #SlossFest. On July 18 & 19, 30+ bands will reignite the Furnaces, and the masses of Birmingham will congregate for what will surely be a landmark event in our city’s music scene.

Here at Big, we were stoked (get it?) to have the opportunity to help brand an invigorating new project like Sloss Fest. Especially because of its ties to the city we love and live in.

“This festival is going to be different than your typical summer music festival because of Sloss,” said Associate Creative Director Matt Harris. “The venue is as big a star as the headliners. Age and industry have greatly weathered its environment. We wanted the logo and brand work to reflect the physical presence of this place. Aged, industrial-themed art and imagery aren’t what you would normally associate with a summer festival, but with Sloss, it couldn’t be any other way.”