When you’ve got a lot of creative people in the workplace, it’s not uncommon to see that creativity manifested when your employees are off the clock.

What is a bit rare, however, is to see creatives exhibit the discipline and adventurousness that our art director Charlotte Wyatt showed us recently.

Charlotte recently wrapped a marathon art project—100 Days of People: 100 Portraits in 100 Days, inspired by The Great Discontent.

From early April to mid July, Charlotte sat down at her desk every single night to paint a watercolor portrait of someone she knew. And since we’re all fortunate enough to see Charlotte five days a week, some of the Big Communications crew made the cut—23, to be exact (plus one former intern). Almost a quarter of the whole project!

“Since I’ve been working full-time in design, I’ve had less motivation to pick up my brushes and paint after a full day of work,” she said. “So I needed a project to keep me motivated. I started out with over a 100 names in a jar and drew one randomly each night. I put the names of the people I work with in the jar, and well, that’s a lot of people. Not everyone got drawn from the jar, and I wish I had the full team, but I’m glad so many Big people ended up getting drawn.”

Charlotte plans to display the full 100 Days of People series in a pop-up show later this month, but until then, check out all the Big faces that were featured.

Want to see more of Charlotte’s 100 Days of People series? Check out her Instagram feed.