For the folks at Big, creativity is not an occupation; it’s a preoccupation.

We’re naturally curious, and the looking, thinking, and questioning doesn’t have an on/off switch. And that means the ideas never really stop. Luckily for our clients, we work in advertising. But we don’t live in it.

So we’re never surprised when our people flex their creative muscles outside of the office.

No, we’re never surprised – but we’re always impressed. This fall, Caroline Collins, one of our junior art directors, finished illustrating a children’s book that has been a side project since the fall of 2013.

The opportunity arrived when Collins was interning at an Atlanta ad agency the summer before her senior year at Auburn University. Paul Eulette, an employee at the agency, recognized Caroline’s talent and approached her.

“He’d been working on the project for a while and said it had been a dream of his,” said Caroline. “Then he asked, ‘Would you be interested in collaborating on the children’s book with me?’”

Close to two years later, Caroline, Eulette, and co-author Lexi Corn had finished their first book, If I Were A Sock: A New Friend.

Image from "If I Were A Sock: A New Friend" from Quarter Life Network.