Alabama Shakes album cover

With the Grammys coming up, we knew it was time to create something for our friends Alabama Shakes and their massive “Sound & Color” album.

So we put the record on.

The vibe instantly directed the art. We knew the design of the infographic had to capture the warmth of a tube amp and the energy of Brittany’s vocals. It needed to feel well-worn, but fresh at the same time. The 2 sign-paintery typefaces coupled with the a little texture and that burnt orange were just right. Plus there’s a vintage record cover scan in there because why the hell not?

It was so much fun that we’re gonna keep doing it. We’re calling it “Big x The Numbers.” We’ll dig through the stats surrounding things we think are dope and noteworthy, then we’ll cook up a visually compelling little graphic for you to feast on. Watch our social media channels and this space for more.

And if you want to let your people know who you’re pulling for during the Grammys Monday night, share it!

Design by Ryan Harrison