What a difference a year makes, right?

This time last year, the Sloss Music & Arts Festival had citizens of Birmingham excitedly circling mid-July on their calendars. The lineup was thrilling, the location was perfect, and the design waswell, that was us, and we were proud to be involved.

But we didn’t know quite what to expect from the actual experience.

Needless to say, Year One was a huge success. Music fans from all across the country migrated to one of Birmingham’s most unique landmarks, and despite some high temperatures, it was a wonderful weekend. Southern Living even named it the Most Iconic Music Festival in the South after a pretty small sample size.

And we’re ready to do it all over again.

Some of the best touring bands around will be joining us for Year Two, and while there are some big names on this year’s list, most folks (ourselves included) aren’t familiar with every artist. Or maybe even most of them.

But don’t worry. We went to the lab for a few days to craft the perfect preparatory playlist, and we ended up with a blissful 2-hour mixtape featuring all 31 artists.

Check it out below, then let us know what you think! See y’all in a few months.

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