It’s spring in Birmingham. This weekend, people will don their sandals and sunglasses and make for a downtown café or park in the sun.

But instead of hopping into a car, many will cruise over on a Zyp bike

You may have seen these lime green beauties around town for a few months now, but recently they’ve become the preferred mode of transportation, thanks to the warm weather and sunshine. 

“Zyp BikeShare is an initiative that really reflects the energy of our city,” our chief creative officer Ford Wiles said. “Bikeshare programs have popped up in cities across the country over the past couple years, and it’s exciting to see Birmingham join in the movement.”

Birmingham’s bikeshare program is the first in Alabama. It’s also the first in the U.S. to offer electric pedal assist bikes, an important feature for Birmingham’s often-hilly terrain.

Plus it’s just plain fun. Riders can check out a bike from a station near their starting point, ride to where they’re going, and return the bike to the station near their destination. The program gives users the benefit of riding a bike without the responsibility or cost of actually owning one.

Folks can thank REV Birmingham for giving us a bikeshare program. It’s the perfect initiative for the organization, which seeks to promote economic development and quality of life in Birmingham. We knew the bikeshare program would have a major impact on our downtown, so we were thrilled when they asked us to help bring it to life

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