earworm (îr′wûrm′) n. 1. A melody or a portion of a piece of music that is involuntarily repeated in one’s mind.

Last year, everyone ran to their local grocer or gas station to locate that special can of Coca-Cola featuring their name on the label.

This made most people feel instantly famous. For people like me with oddly spelled names, we smiled politely while our friend Jenny squealed with glee at spotting her name on a bottle.

As a person with an uncommon name spelling and a music lover from way back, I am thrilled at the Coca-Cola brand’s latest packaging artwork: song lyrics!

“Drop it like its hot.” “Girls just wanna have fun.” “Takin’ care of business.” “We are the champions.” These lyrics cause us to pull out our invisible microphones and break into song instantly.


The newest bottles and cans of Coke, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero feature over 60 song lyrics from music across multiple genres. Your name may not be Adam, but you’re sure to find a song lyric or seven that take you back to a fun “summer summer summertime.”

To kickoff this new campaign, Coca-Cola Bottling Company United is taking over Birmingham’s Uptown District at “Uptown Goes Red” on Friday, May 13 from 11am to 2pm.

In order to spread the red love, Coke will offer tastings of their various products, along with product and swag giveaways. Local radio stations will be set up around the area playing tunes from the bottles and cans, as well as giving out prizes like concert tickets to some lucky folks. While you’re there, be sure to use your Shazam app and capture a photo of the lyric on your label to create your very own karaoke video to share on social media.

Come out to Uptown Goes Red this Friday for lunch and we’ll all “Celebrate good times, come on!”