According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 7.9 million people that are unemployed.

That’s a lot of people! So when it comes time to begin your career, you have to make your résumé stand out.

We get a lot of résumés here at Big, so we thought we’d provide a few tips to give you the best shot at getting a job—here or anywhere!

1. Read the Job Description

Are you thoroughly reading the job description for the position that you are applying for? You can use this to your advantage! If there are specific qualifications that you posess, list them.

2. Don’t Go Crazy!

Keep your résumé looking clean and professional by using a layout, font, and colors that are easy to read.

3. Know Your Audience

Tailor your résumé to the audience that will be reading it. For instance, list the experiences that are most relevant to the job/company. Also, when addressing a company, make sure you address the company that you are applying to. Failing to do this might affect your chances at securing an interview.

4. Lead with Relevant Experience

Put your most relevant work at the top of your résumé. Recruiters spend an average of six seconds looking at a résumé. Six! You want the first things they see to catch their attention and leave them intrigued. Ask a friend to look over your résumé and shout out the first things they notice. Are these things that you want as a first impression?

5. What Have You Accomplished?

While recruiters are definitely interested in reading about your responsibilities at past/current jobs, they’re more interested in reading about what you have accomplished. Take this time to brag about yourself. You’ve earned it!

6. Keep it Updated

You are constantly learning and growing, and so should your résumé. Spend some time making sure it is up to date before sending it out.

7. Spell Check!

Honestly, this doesn’t need an explanation. If there are typos in your résumé, one can only assume that you did not care enough to double check your work.

8. References

If recruiters want your references, they will ask for them. Stop cheating and taking up space! Also, if you give a reference, it is a good idea to ask them for permission and give them a heads up.

9. Be You!

The résumé is merely a tool with one specific purpose: to get the interview. It’s an advertisement of you, so make sure it’s also a reflection of you.