What happens inside a creative agency when it’s time for a big pitch?

Imagination, strategy, criticism, meticulous practice, Flawless execution and Irreplaceable passion. At Big, we strive for this at every opportunity, especially when there’s new business at stake.

So we’d like to break down what happens in a pitch here in the Bey-Hive. Er, Big-Hive.

First, the prep work for a pitch is a microcosm of everything it takes to run a successful agency. A great pitch calls for an immediate understanding of your resources, your talent, and the needs and expectations of a potential client.

Pre-pitch, we use everything we keep in “the box to the left.”

Keep in mind, a pitch comes in while our workload is still booming, but we never let our clients slip through the cracks. As Bey says, check our credentials, we “give you everything you want, everything you need,” and that comes from some serious strategizing.

Now, it’s true—“there’s ups and downs in this love,” and to present a great pitch, it doesn’t suddenly happen over night. We quite literally “slay, all day, okay?” We do the research, check the competition, and find every possible way we can Upgrade You.

Afterwards, we look to our creatives. You better believe we “grind from Monday to Friday and work from Friday to Sunday.” We assemble the team, begin the brainstorm and start “spinnin’ while our hands up.”

“Now we’re spinnin’, we’re spinnin’, we’re spinnin’ while our hands up,” and after a dizzying process of mock-ups and our Sweet Dreams strung across the walls, it’s time to evaluate and reach an end result.

From there, we revisit the work, take a last-minute review, or give a hats off to the team. Regardless of the outcome, nothing leaves our brick and mortar unless it’s 100%.

Now, time for the pitch and “man, this here feel like rollin’ dice.”

With our figurative Six Inch Heels, we “walk in the room like nobody’s business.” Lights drop, the screen plays, and we “work for the money, from the start to the finish.”

Once the pitch is over, we shake hands and depart back home all the while “smilin’ out from ear to ear.” It’s come time to let our potential client review the work and follow up with their verdict. We wait until they Check Up On It, to see if we “fulfilled their fantasies.”

If we get the new business, our walls start shaking all over again we begin helping our new client “build up their account.”

In conclusion, our dearest friend Bey and the Big crew have a lot in common.

From the performance to the end of the show, we put forth our best and “you better sit down and look around,” because just like the queen herself, we like to stay young, hungry, and keeping our minds wide open.

…and, that’s how Big gets in Formation.