The Burning Peppermints are one of the newest chapters in Birmingham’s flourishing music scene. Many of you saw them at Sloss Fest. A select few might’ve seen them at Saturn, or The Nick. And if you live outside of Birmingham, you might’ve caught them recently on a brief tour. We’re pretty big fans ourselves here at Big. And since we support the local music scene every chance we get, we were excited to partner with the Peppermints for a few poster and t-shirt designs.

The inspiration? Halloween, of course.

“John [Montgomery] asked for some kind of direction to go in, and we said something Halloween-y,” said guitarist/singer Jake Wittig. “That creepy undertone is always there in our music.”

John’s response? An homage to the classic horror movie “Village Of The Damned”. Art director Paul Prudhomme was brought in to track down some imagery from the movie (the child’s face you see in the below poster) and put a spin on it. The rest of the designs followed that same aesthetic.

“It was kind of amazing how Paul and John could listen to our music and hear us say the word ‘Halloween’ and come back with all that stuff,” said Wittig. “It was super on-point.”

The band still hasn’t seen the movie yet — “We need to have a band movie night soon,” said Wittig.

But in the meantime, they’ve been busy telling their own stories. In fact, the next chapter happens tomorrow night, September 16, at The Syndicate Lounge here in Birmingham.

After “murdering” a scientist and sherriff onstage at their Sloss Fest show, we’ll pick up with the Peppermints as the saga continues. “This show, we’re going to be executed,” said Wittig. “Someone’s captured us, and they want to execute us. But we might escape.”

Want to find out what happens next? Then join us at the Syndicate Lounge tomorrow night for some quality homegrown rock ‘n roll.

Check out the designs below and maybe pick up a t-shirt tomorrow while you’re at it.