Advertising is about creating an experience unlike any other. One that’s thrilling, engaging, and shareable. It’s using the entire arsenal of tools at our disposal to shift perceptions at every single touchpoint. The last few years have shown us that successful campaigns have to be built on more than just a sales message. Consumers demand more. More transparency, more honesty, more emotion, more everything.

And here in Birmingham we don’t just chase that change—we set its pace.

Our community’s relentless sweat equity was represented in full force at this year’s American Advertising Awards, lovingly known as the Birmingham ADDYs. We’re proud to be part of such a vibrant, creative community. Big was honored to bring home 19 total trophies (13 Gold, 5 Silver), including Digital Best In Show for Valvoline’s ‘Never Idle’ campaign.

We took it from the streets to your screen and then back again. We built a rallying cry out of cardboard boxes and created philosophy out of motor oil. Our work not only crossed industries, but it crossed platforms as well. We spent the year testing out new tricks while also relying on some age-old traditional tactics as well.

None of these awards would be possible without the creative collaboration and contributions made by team members in every single department at Big. Together we get to wake up each and every morning to not only raise the bar for our clients, but raise the bar for our city as well.

Take a look at the list of Big’s ADDY Awards below.

Best in Show, Digital — Valvoline Never Idle – Run

Gold ADDYs
Guerilla Marketing, Amazon Dash Button
Guerilla Marketing, Amazon – AtoB Boxes
Consumer Website, Valvoline Never Idle Website
Email, Zkano Email Blasts
Regional/National Television Commercial, Valvoline Never Idle – Run
Regional/National Television Commercial Campaign, Valvoline Never Idle
Film/Video/Sound Branded Content, More than :60 Seconds, Valvoline Al Unser: The Closest Finish
Branded Content & Entertainment Campaign, TNT Fireworks Branded Content
Movie Trailer, Sidewalk Film Festival Trailer
Integrated Advertising Campaign, Local – Consumer, Amazon BringAtoB Campaign
Integrated Advertising Campaign, Regional/National – Consumer, Valvoline Never Idle Campaign
Animation, Special Effects or Motion Graphics, Valvoline Al Unser: The Closest Finish

Silver ADDYs
Consumer Website, Highlands Bar & Grill Website
Consumer Website, Brookwood Baptist Health
Integrated Advertising Campaign, Local – Consumer, Brookwood Baptist Health Happy Beginnings
Integrated Brand Identity Campaign, FORMA Arts + Wellness
Animation, Special Effects or Motion Graphics, Window Pictures’ A Life in Waves Title Sequence