In 2015, Google announced that it would invest $600 million to locate a massive data center — one of only 14 in the world at that time — to Jackson County, Alabama. Since then, Big has helped Google develop relationships, increase brand affinity, and highlight its impact in the state of Alabama. 

As explained in our newest work with the global brand, Google’s data center in Jackson County has made a major impact on the state of Alabama. But the $600 million initial investment was only the beginning of the story. They’ve since contributed more than $1 billion to the state economy, supported thousands of jobs, provided millions of dollars in grants to local charities and nonprofits, and connected hundreds of thousands of customers to local businesses. 

At Big, we love working with brands like Google that make a difference. In 2020, we worked with DoorDash on an economic impact campaign that showcased its effect on local businesses. And most recently, we were able to help FedEx demonstrate its economic impact across all 50 states. 

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Niki Lim Roden

Director of Business Development