It’s been well documented that the need for teachers across the country is critical. In Alabama, it’s a full-on emergency. With an evolving classroom, teacher burnout and a mass call for higher wages across the board, the number of people entering the academic field has slowed to a trickle. So, how could Alabama attract new teachers? By reshaping the image of teaching in Alabama from a profession of overwork and underpay, to a meaningful calling to make a difference.

The “We Teach Alabama” campaign is a multi-year advertising and PR effort, targeting a new generation of potential teachers. Optimistic, ambitious and passionate 17-to 22-year-olds. Ready to make a difference while, yes, making a paycheck. The socially-driven campaign drives to, a content hub that streamlines the process from interest to application. Big also created a platform for people to show some much deserved appreciation to the teachers in their lives. In just the first three months, more than 500 teachers have answered the call to educate the next generation of Alabamians.

Moving retail back to reality.

Bayer Properties manages a variety of outdoor retail centers that offer unique shopping and dining experiences. After a year of physical restrictions, social distancing, and online shopping—Bayer needed ways to invite guests back to what they love. We tapped into current mindsets to empower guests to return to their favorite stores and restaurants.

The message was well received. In addition to exceeding digital benchmarks, cars packed out the parking lots and crowd lines began to re-form. Guests enjoyed freely (but cautiously) exploring the latest trends with friends and family. After one of the toughest years ever, our campaign helped bring Bayer back to business.

We use photography and messaging to align with current mindsets.

Color palettes are inspired by seasonal fashion and Pantone trends.

Helping Google Fiber make better connections.

Since 2010, Google Fiber has worked to help all communities—big, small, urban, rural, and everywhere in between—get access to internet that’s fast, reliable, fairly-priced, and open. Nineteen cities later, Google Fiber needed exciting new ways to deliver that message. We amplified their mission by simplifying their brand. Through an evolving approach, we brought the same energy and life to the work that Google Fiber internet brings to your home. Because better internet means a better whole-home experience—we just helped make the connection.

We needed to make the technology easier to understand and show people everything they can do with Google Fiber.

We created fun, simple illustrations and messaging to help guide you through exploring your internet—from video, email, and print to experiential moments and an internet delivery van.

When it comes to banking, nothing is more important than the customer. Period. America’s First has always known that. And their members know it too. That’s how they got a 98% member satisfaction rating. Our job was to prove it to everyone else. AmFirst made it easy. Simplify the messaging, consolidate the brand, make it more memorable, and always put the members first. It’s member-driven design, plain and simple.

Blue billboard with the words

Pistons pumping. Molecules flying. Oil sloshing. Hot cars in the desert. NASCAR. Insert every automotive cliché possible to see how the global giants of motor oil try to science their audience into submission.

Not Valvoline. We helped the 150-year-old American brand, who has a long and storied history of innovation, break new ground by speaking to the heart, over the mind, of DIYers. Thereby challenging the industry to try harder, think deeper, and celebrate the people behind the machines.  Abandoning traditional messages of molecular structures, service intervals, and racing celebrities, instead focusing on the fragility of time, life and self.

Dale and the Track That’s Too Tough to Tame. The Southern 500 returned to Labor Day this past year, and with it came a throwback celebration.

Tail end of vintage stock car with Valvoline logo
White stock car with Valvoline logo on hood
Vintage stock car with Valvoline branding

The World Games – an international sports competition that showcases up to 35 sports – meets every four years in a city chosen by the World Games and International Olympic Committees. In 2022, the Games will be hosted right here in Birmingham, Alabama.

World Games logo
World Games logo
World Games | BIG Communications

The Institute for Research and Collaboration at JSU is not a single entity, but actually a group of many different organizations, focused on many different things. From innovative educational curricula and environmental protection to cyber security and disaster preparedness, their pursuits may seem disparate at first glance.