Improving optics for UAB Callahan Eye

90% of all information we receive is visual. So what do you do when a world-class eye hospital wants to increase its awareness? You elevate its visibility with prospective patients.

Visionary Care

UAB Callahan Eye is home to the country’s foremost experts in the treatment and cure of eye disease and trauma. Only the new generation of medical decision-makers didn’t know it. Intent on improving optics, we created a dynamic color and shape system inspired by UAB Callahan Eye’s history and association within the fine arts community. Utilizing vibrant light and spectral tones, we captured surreal photography highlighting the hospital’s focus on speciality care and innovation. This built the foundation to deliver a variety of messages positioning UAB Callahan Eye at the forefront of ophthalmology. The end result is a visually captivating campaign that reintroduced UAB Callahan Eye as a national leader in sight.

We simplified the UAB Callahan Eye name and logo within the larger health system.

“Complex Vision” — a lenticular sculpture by Yaacov Agam on the hospital’s exterior — inspired our color and shape system.

The eye.everything.
It's how we see
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We conducted patient interviews to inform our key messaging pillars: experience, training, immediacy, continuity of care and proximity.

Every spa is plagued by the cliché image of a brightly lit, white-walled room, where a woman in a towel lays back with cucumbers on her eyes and a soft smile on her lips. It’s all too familiar. For the launch of Total on 1st, a new spa that’s equal parts clinical skincare and indulgent self-care, we created a brand image that diverges from the long-held spa tropes. To transcend category, we introduced Total on 1st not as a place but as a feeling.

Taking cues from the worlds of high-end fashion and boutique skincare brands, we crafted a campaign featuring photography that evoked a feeling of immersion and losing oneself in natural environments. The concept of “healthy indulgence” invites one to embrace self-care in abundance. To lavish in it and never apologize. This campaign is the first step in establishing Total on 1st as Birmingham’s premiere spa destination.

RealTime Medicare Data’s service is exactly what it sounds like—the best Medicare data on the market, and with the quickest turnaround time. Naturally, they needed a website that could stay up to speed.

What BLOX does is quite grandiose—producing pre-fab medical units for efficient and smart hospital construction—so condensing their business model into an iPad app was a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, we had a lot of cool stuff to show off.

BLOX | BIG Communications
BLOX | BIG Communications