Barbecue occupies a very specific territory when we’re talking about food service in America. Most brands you see might strive for convenience, new trends, new tastes, exotic flavors, or the atmosphere.

Sam Jones BBQ | Big Communications
Sam Jones BBQ | Big Communications
Jars of barbeque sauce

We’ve made a lot of good friends at the beach thanks to our Alabama Gulf Seafood campaign. And when the owners of The Hangout were developing a new seaside restaurant concept, we were the clear choice to bring the brand to life.

Teach a man to fish, and he’d probably still rather eat here. There’s a very special place in our hearts for Southern brands—especially Southern food brands.

Barbecue in the South isn’t a meal—it’s an institution. The slowness. The patience. The acute attention to detail. The passing down of a generations-deep sauce recipe. It’s the quintessential Southern food, and the perfect depiction of the how we do things down here.