Empowering the next generation of shoppers.

In today’s modern social world, nothing is more important than authenticity and inclusivity. That’s especially true for retail brands whose products are an expression of personality, culture, and identity. So when Bayer Properties, an owner and operator of retail and mixed-use real estate, needed a social-centric campaign that could help drive traffic to their properties and tenants locations, we set out to empower our audience through self-expression.

We developed a campaign rooted in a bold, confident statement that embodies the essence of fashion and shopping — an opportunity to explore, embrace, and express the most true version of you.

Moving retail back to reality.

Bayer Properties manages a variety of outdoor retail centers that offer unique shopping and dining experiences. After a year of physical restrictions, social distancing, and online shopping—Bayer needed ways to invite guests back to what they love. We tapped into current mindsets to empower guests to return to their favorite stores and restaurants.

The message was well received. In addition to exceeding digital benchmarks, cars packed out the parking lots and crowd lines began to re-form. Guests enjoyed freely (but cautiously) exploring the latest trends with friends and family. After one of the toughest years ever, our campaign helped bring Bayer back to business.

We use photography and messaging to align with current mindsets.

Color palettes are inspired by seasonal fashion and Pantone trends.

Helping Google Fiber make better connections.

Since 2010, Google Fiber has worked to help all communities—big, small, urban, rural, and everywhere in between—get access to internet that’s fast, reliable, fairly-priced, and open. Nineteen cities later, Google Fiber needed exciting new ways to deliver that message. We amplified their mission by simplifying their brand. Through an evolving approach, we brought the same energy and life to the work that Google Fiber internet brings to your home. Because better internet means a better whole-home experience—we just helped make the connection.

We needed to make the technology easier to understand and show people everything they can do with Google Fiber.

We created fun, simple illustrations and messaging to help guide you through exploring your internet—from video, email, and print to experiential moments and an internet delivery van.

Many companies sell motor oil. But only one brand truly defines it. And Valvoline has been defining the category since 1866. Fact: Valvoline was America’s first motor oil brand. Like, ever. And that status, as the originator of a whole category, means Valvoline isn’t merely another motor oil. It’s an American icon.

But being an original isn’t just about being first. It’s about being true. Blazing a trail where others see an obstacle. It’s fearing nothing, and yet having the courage to do something that has never been done. Then doing it over and over and over. That’s what we had to remind consumers, DIYers, race fans, brand collaborators, and anyone who was paying attention. Being original is what matters. And that’s just as much true now as it was 150 years ago.

blue and red stock car

Schaeffer is practically a household name in Birmingham, thanks to a well-established market presence, savvy media exposure, and the larger-than-life personality and presence of Dr. Jack Schaeffer himself.

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Schaeffer Eye Center | BIG Communications
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