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Generate a title for our holiday card AI art blog post

Content by Shannon Harris

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time our creative team takes to the workshop to experiment with the latest digital tools, all in the service of wishing our clients and friends a happy holiday. We work best when taking chances and collaborating with clients. The better the input, the more successful the outcome. Hence the creation of a helpful The result? Holiday cards ranging from charming and laugh-out-loud funny to downright nightmarish.

As a part of this holiday greeting, we’ve made a donation in the name of our clients to the IRL artists at Studio by the Tracks, an art studio and gallery for adult artists with autism. Visit their online shop if you’d like to score a piece of art for yourself.

We enjoy being part of the conversation and love to discuss wide-ranging opinions and solutions. Our internal consensus is that AI art isn’t replacing human art anytime soon but has the potential to be a valuable tool for creatives. However, we recognize the importance of drawing a line regarding intellectual property. Below is a peek into part of an internal slack conversation.

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