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Keep moving.

Content by Manu Gabaldon

Talking. Crying. Singing. Laughing. Dancing. Vroom Vrooming. Dating. Cheat mealing. Secret, alone, cheat-mealing. Brainstorming. Rehearsing. Thinking. Thinking out loud. Crazy talk. Venting. Talking to myself. Dancing with myself. (Oh, oh, oh oooooh.)

Our car is our space. Our little bubble. Our in-between world where we can be, say, and do whatever we want, care-free and judgement free. The people we are in our cars are pure, unapologetic, talented, invincible, and in control. We make the turns, we call the shots, and we end up wherever we want to be.

Because there are two kinds of people in this world: Those who drive to a destination, and those who drive to get somewhere. And maybe the fastest way to get anywhere is by being this uncorrupted self we allow ourselves to be in our world on wheels. 

Perhaps this is why we have so much heart for the work we do on the automotive brands we represent. We understand this passion for progress, and we share the need for the freedom that comes with having a space where we can be totally uninhibited. Yes, our vehicle’s main role is getting us from where we are to where we want to be. But we know that it’s never just about “a car” or “a motorcycle” you own, lease, or borrow. It’s about mobility, and in broader terms, it’s about the options we have for how we move.

Take Valvoline, for example. There’s a whole world beyond their award-winning motor oil, and we’ve been living in it for years. Retail, product, brand, influencer partnerships, entertainment, racing, content, DIY, maintenance, you name it. So we’ve grounded our strategies around the understanding that humans > numbers, starting always with the consumers’ needs/wants in order for the brand to make a positive impact in their lives for many years down the road.

Especially now during the pandemic and these “unprecedented times,” a vehicle can be so much more than what it was. It used to be your safe space where you could just be yourself, but now it’s quite literally one of the safest places you can be—alone and virus free. It can also be a project to keep yourself busy—a chance to take on DIY, master it, or pass it down. The list is endless.

The point is, we have the opportunity to keep making a difference in the automotive world by evolving our understanding of the emotional side of it. Now more than ever, psychographics are entirely more important than demographics.

So what does this mean for the brands we represent? And for brands we could represent? It’s on us to stay ahead and make sure we’re being responsible with the communications platforms we’ve built together with our brands, and to position our products or services in a way that makes things easier, better, even more enlightening.

It’s on us to continue to do our part to keep us all moving.

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Niki Lim Roden

Director of Business Development