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The Positive Power of AI

Content by Breonna Redd · Illustrations by Evan Bates

As we delve deeper into our four-part series exploring the AI-Volution. we now turn our attention to the positive perspectives surrounding artificial intelligence (AI).

It’s natural for marketers and advertisers to be cautious about the integration of AI into our world. The fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of how this technology will impact our roles and the worry of relinquishing control can all create justifiable doubt.

But the truth is, AI isn’t a distant future; it’s a tangible present. It’s here, and it’s here to stay. Waiting on the sidelines and clinging to the familiar is a disservice to the potential that AI offers.

“When we’re approaching AI there are two options that we have: We can either shy away from it and think of it as an opponent that’s trying to replace all of us. Or we can view it as another very advanced tool that we can put in our toolbox to work with us to elevate our outputs,” says Big senior data analyst Kimberly Torries.

AI has already begun transforming how we craft campaigns, understand consumer behavior and deliver personalized experiences. It’s not about replacing human creativity, intuition and strategic thinking; it’s about enhancing them.

The Efficiency Boost: Streamlining Operations

Efficiency isn’t just about doing things faster; it’s about utilizing resources wisely. AI, with its ability to process massive amounts of data in milliseconds, relieves valuable human resources from mundane tasks. Routine operations that once consumed time and energy are now streamlined, empowering our creative minds to focus on what truly matters: creating engaging campaigns and driving innovation.

“I’ve personally used this as a tool to help with the more tedious jobs,” says digital director Robert Brodrecht. “There may be code that will take a significant amount of time to complete that I know how to describe. Asking ChatGPT to write the skeleton for me to later customize saves time.”

Imagine the power of having an assistant who works tirelessly, crunching numbers, analyzing data and deriving insights that would take you months to achieve. AI is precisely that — an ally that supercharges our decision-making process.

Automating Creativity: Crafting Compelling Content

AI’s ability to automate creativity isn’t a replacement for human ingenuity but a catalyst that fuels it. By proposing ideas, generating content and providing insights that lead to captivating campaigns, AI showcases its role as the ultimate creative assistant.

Its machine-learning algorithms analyze vast volumes of data to identify patterns and trends, taking inspiration from existing campaigns, consumer preferences and even cultural norms. This then empowers creatives with a wealth of knowledge to inform their narratives.

Precision Personified: Hyper-Targeted Marketing

AI utilization also provides the promise of improved hyper-targeting. By harnessing the power of data analytics, machine learning and predictive modeling, brands can now delve deeper into consumer insights than ever before.

Traditionally, this form of marketing relied heavily on demographic data. Marketers analyzed age, gender, location and income to segment their audiences. While this is effective to a degree, it often leaves creative teams working within a rigid framework.

The beauty of hyper-targeting with artificial intelligence lies in its ability to analyze a multitude of data points. From online behavior and purchase history to social media interactions we now have the capacity to understand what truly drives each individual.

Rather than casting a wide net and hoping for engagement, brands can focus their efforts where they matter most. This not only maximizes ROI but also enhances the overall consumer experience. Gone are the days of irrelevant ads interrupting user experiences — hyper- targeting ensures that every interaction is valuable.

As we continue to explore this new tool, we can identify one thing: AI isn’t just technology. It’s a bridge to more insightful, creative and personalized marketing strategies.

Digital experience engineer Dan Gavin asks, “Would you rather spend all day tirelessly working on one task or would you rather embrace a tool — one you may be slightly uncomfortable with — and complete seven?”

By embracing its positive potential, we are setting ourselves on a path to redefine industry excellence.

But as with any new technology, there is a dark side. Will the introduction of AI diminish the importance of personalized human touch? Can we trust it to handle customer data responsibly and ethically? Is there a risk of overreliance on AI algorithms?

In the upcoming segment of our series, we’ll explore the nuanced discussions, ethical considerations and potential challenges AI brings to the advertising world.

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