When it comes to banking, nothing is more important than the customer. Period. America’s First has always known that. And their members know it too. That’s how they got a 98% member satisfaction rating. Our job was to prove it to everyone else. AmFirst made it easy. Simplify the messaging, consolidate the brand, make it more memorable, and always put the members first. It’s member-driven design, plain and simple.

Blue billboard with the words

Launched in February 2020, the Apple-backed Ed Farm provides technical and coding education for Birmingham’s most disadvantaged students. Big not only created the Ed Farm brand — with visually appealing three-dimensional iconography and vibrant gradients embodying transition and change — but also planned and executed an event featuring Apple CEO Tim Cook to publicly launch it in a way that earned media attention, excited the community, and embraced the future of technology throughout Birmingham. For its collective efforts — and due to the successes Ed Farm has experienced since launch — Big was named a national 2020 PR NEWS Platinum PR Award winner in the Community Relations category.

Ed Farm icon
Ed Farm icon
Apple CEO Tim Cook at the reveal of the Ed Farm Brand.

When the United Soccer League announced the launch of a professional soccer team in Birmingham, Big was tasked with building the brand from scratch — team name, brand identity, uniform design, team mantra, social media, stadium banners, paid media and more.

But the real task was to rally a city. To fill the stands. To build community pride in a city where pro sports teams had never previously flourished. To do that, we knew that it has to be about more than a perfect name or a well-designed uniform. It’s about connection.

Hammer + Anvil
Unifies our cheer of “Hammer Down.”

Our Shield
Pays homage to our unified attack on the pitch.

Our Sparks
Embody our fiery spirit and define our character.

The proof is in the stands. In March 2019, Birmingham Legion FC opened its season to a sold-out game. Eight months later, they average 88% home game attendance, making Legion FC 13th in attendance out of the 36 USL Championship teams.

We worked together with local musician, The Green Seed to create a custom track for our hype video. The Legion Soccer Anthem is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Creature is the coming together of two radical-thinking companies. Golden Construction, a leader in the construction industry for over 20 years and Appleseed Workshop, an innovative architecture / design / manufacture firm. Their mission: radical change. The result is a single company where design, manufacturing, and construction are seamlessly integrated – dramatically reducing costs and timing throughout the project lifecycle while simultaneously improving quality. Radical change requires a brand that embodies this spirit. From the name of the company down to the color of their hard hats.

Since opening it’s doors in 1996, the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center has been providing access to experiences that reach beyond sights and sounds and color and space. The Center creates moments and memories that bring about positive change in the lives of individuals, families, students, artists, performers and everyone who comes into contact with the Center.

Concert with red stage lighting

Barbecue occupies a very specific territory when we’re talking about food service in America. Most brands you see might strive for convenience, new trends, new tastes, exotic flavors, or the atmosphere.

Sam Jones BBQ | Big Communications
Sam Jones BBQ | Big Communications
Jars of barbeque sauce

The World Games – an international sports competition that showcases up to 35 sports – meets every four years in a city chosen by the World Games and International Olympic Committees. In 2021, the Games will be hosted right here in Birmingham, Alabama.

World Games logo
World Games logo
World Games | BIG Communications

“Homeward” is not simply an informational resource; it is a rally cry, and an inspirational reminder that homeownership is a very real destination for us all.

Homeward Birmingham | BIG Communications
Homeward Birmingham | BIG Communications

We’ve made a lot of good friends at the beach thanks to our Alabama Gulf Seafood campaign. And when the owners of The Hangout were developing a new seaside restaurant concept, we were the clear choice to bring the brand to life.

The University of Montevallo is a unique place. As Alabama’s only public liberal arts university, it attracts an incredibly diverse yet likeminded group of individuals with a passion to create their own path instead of following those more traveled.

University of Montevallo logo
University of Montevallo logo