Your reputation is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room. The good has the power to direct that conversation. The great can start or stop the dialog. Set the tone.

Public Relations is more than an exercise in relationships and releases. It’s about fostering and fomenting action through conversation. It is not mountains or boulders, but well-placed stones that are capable of giant-killing.

Change Perception

Mind shifts happen when truths collide. But that can only occur when those truths are seeded with intention.

Influence Behavior

Action begins with knowledge. And with the right support, it turns from motion into a movement.

Inspire People

Information wins minds. But positive momentum comes from connecting both heads and hearts.

A circle. A triangle. A square. These are not just symbolic, esoteric shapes. They are the simplicity that reveal truth. They possess the power to unlock key insights and stand for the things you stand for. Not simply an identity or a promise, a brand is an intangible, emotional relationship developed with a product, service, or company over time.


The unchanging truths of your brand. Learn the things that are worth writing down with a chisel.


If everything is important, nothing is. Thoreau had it right. Simplify, simplify, simplify.


Strategy is meaningless without execution. Work the problem and passionately share what you’ve learned.

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Niki Lim Roden

Director of Business Development