Your audience is a moving target – jumping from screen to screen to screen. Your media plan should help you stay leaps ahead, appearing on all devices at just the right time. Take it a step further and discover high performing targets hiding within your existing demographics. Adjust accordingly.

Mass communication is a myth. People expect advertising to be hand-tailored to them, even when they don’t know exactly what it is they want. There is no dragnet that catches all. Only specificity works.


The right people. Psychos over just demos. Don’t simply know who, know where and why.


Put the meaningful in the moment. Audiences expect to be catered to. And they should be.


Nothing is always ever perfect. Improvement should be evergreen.

Your reputation is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room. The good has the power to direct that conversation. The great can start or stop the dialog. Set the tone.

Public Relations is more than an exercise in relationships and releases. It’s about fostering and fomenting action through conversation. It is not mountains or boulders, but well-placed stones that are capable of giant-killing.

Change Perception

Mind shifts happen when truths collide. But that can only occur when those truths are seeded with intention.

Influence Behavior

Action begins with knowledge. And with the right support, it turns from motion into a movement.

Inspire People

Information wins minds. But positive momentum comes from connecting both heads and hearts.

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Rebekah Weinberger

Business Development Specialist