Silicon Valley and New York City aren’t the only tech hubs anymore. From Austin to Atlanta to Kansas City, tech ecosystems have been thriving in areas where funding goes further and incentives make an impact.

Thanks to Shipt’s commitment to staying headquartered in Birmingham (and their acquisition by Target), Birmingham was catapulted onto tech watchlists from the likes of Forbes, Inc., and OZY. But we couldn’t stop there. That’s why Big was called upon to leverage our expertise in the economic development sector and create a brand that would help spur our city’s growth and innovation.

The mission of Birmingham Bound is to inspire companies and executives to visit the Magic City—and stay here. We began with a modern, energetic mark that reflects the relentless entrepreneurial spirit of our tech community and the companies we aim to add to it. Then to answer the “Why Birmingham?” question, we helped set up a website that could expand and grow with the initiative.

Thanks to the efforts of Birmingham Bound, 17 high-growth tech companies have come to call Birmingham their primary or secondary home—all in just the first two years.

Birmingham Bound logo
Birmingham Bound branded pins, water bottle, and bag
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