What do you do when a global pandemic sends millions of people into quarantine? You get to work (from home). From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve continued to evolve messaging and tactics as the landscape shifts around us.

Using our diverse in-house resources, we were able to nimbly leverage a wide-range of tactics from video and PR to media and strategy. We held virtual press conferences and discovery sessions, produced socially distant video shoots and PSAs, and re-focused our efforts to adjust to the “new normal”. Because that’s what we do. 

Check out some of the work.

We supported the Governor’s office to create awareness for a statewide mask order;

Helped Southern Company Gas customers trust that their service would continue;


Instructed hundreds of thousands of Alabamians where they can find help or lend a hand online;

Showed consumers how they could safely get their oil changed;


And that it was safe to return to their favorite destinations.


We reminded wireless customers their networks and services are reliable, even in the most challenging situations;


Most recently, we launched GuideSafe in Alabama. We were the 4th state in the U.S. to launch a public emergency notification system app in partnership with Google and Apple. And we did it all in just under 5 weeks.


Three phones with guidesafe app

As our partners continue to provide the information, funding, jobs, resources, and support needed, we will continue to create and amplify their message. And as always, we will do it with the sense of urgency and creativity that the current environment requires.