Corporate responsibility has never been more important. And with the need for food delivery at an all time high, DoorDash’s public policy team felt the time was perfect to showcase its corporate citizenship in a way that helped local communities.


DoorDash’s mission is to help local economies thrive. Not only does their platform help support commerce for local merchants, it also provides jobs for Dashers (local delivery team). And although this is a publicly stated goal of the DoorDash platform, it was nearly impossible to find out how DoorDash was impacting their local economy. Big was asked to help DoorDash tell this story digitally.

The issue? That’s a lot of data to comb through. A lot, lot. So how do you share all of this data, program information and testimonials without losing the user? You create a site that allows visitors to immediately self-select the most meaningful information to them. So any user from policy makers to potential partners can quickly see how DoorDash is impacting the individuals, businesses, and economies in their own back yard.

In addition to a trove of sortable and visualized data in both interactive maps and dynamic infographics, the site also features video testimonials of locals that have benefited from DoorDash. The site is also filled with clear calls-to-action to stay informed of DoorDash’s continued industry leadership in corporate citizenship.