Corporate responsibility has never been more important. Due to the public health emergency and shelter-in-place orders resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, DoorDash’s last-mile logistics platform became an essential service, facilitating deliveries of meals and providing a lifeline for restaurants. The DoorDash team wanted to build awareness and expand the reach of the many programs and initiatives serving customers, restaurants and Dashers on the DoorDash platform.


DoorDash’s mission is to help grow and empower local economies. Not only does their platform help support commerce for local merchants, it also provides economic opportunities for Dashers (the drivers who use the platform). And although there were many websites, blog posts, and press clips describing DoorDash’s mission and impact, there was no single means to access information about the many ways DoorDash was impacting local economies. Big was asked to help DoorDash digitally tell this story.

mobile phone with doordash site
mobile phone with doordash site

The issue? That’s a lot of data to comb through. A lot, lot. So how do you communicate all of this data, program information and testimonials without losing the user? You create a site that allows visitors to immediately self-select the most meaningful information to them. So any user, from local restaurants to policy advocates to interested citizens, can quickly see how DoorDash is impacting the individuals, businesses, and economies in their own backyard.

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In addition to a trove of sortable and visualized data in both interactive maps and dynamic infographics, the site features video testimonials of local restaurants that have benefited from their partnership with DoorDash. The site is also filled with clear calls-to-action to stay informed and expand the reach of DoorDash’s continued industry leadership in corporate citizenship.

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