Field Guide to Oysters

Oysters have been a culinary delicacy in our country for centuries. Their place of origin and the conditions they are raised in, play a major part in the flavors, textures and character of the oyster. The Gulf Oyster Industry Council commissioned Big to create a Gulf Coast Oyster Field Guide – the first of its kind – that would cover the history, geography, and flavors of oysters caught and farmed in all five Gulf States. We sent a team from Big to travel the Texas Coast to the Florida Panhandle, sampling oysters from every region while speaking with members of the industry at each checkpoint. The end result: a user-friendly pocket guide with detailed maps and characteristics of oysters across the region, prompting readers to ask for specific oysters by locale.

Book with Oyster tools
Dock Illustration
Oyster Illustration
Fishermen illustration
Mixed drink illustration
Oyster Illustration
Oyster drawing
Book with Oyster Instructions